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Finding love in Hope Harbor!!

Hope Harbor by Irene Hannon

As a visitor to Hope Harbor, Michael Hunter is hoping to find what he has lost in his life. But what he did not know is that he would find more than he was looking for in life. A native to Hope Harbor, Tracy Campbell’s plans was to stay forever living there on the third generation¬† cranberry farm that she grew up on. Her plans was changed when love and life altered her plans, now she is back home trying to keep her families livelihood going. A chance meeting sets Tracy and Michael on a course towards changes in a project that is close to Tracey’s heart. The more time they spend¬† together, the more they each realize that they are missing something in their lives. As healing touches each of their lives they realize that there is a chance of a beautiful¬† future in front of them.


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A historical read!!!

The Mapmakers Children by Sarah McCoy

Two women from very different eras lives interconnect across the generations. Sarah Brown the vibrant and talented daughter of abolitionist John Brown finds her life turned around when she starts to work with the Underground railroad. Watching as her family deals with the loss of her father and brothers, she resolves to continue her fathers work with the help of a friend. Using her artistic talents to provide hidden maps for the fleeing slaves to follow north to freedom.
Eden Anderson is a modern day woman facing some struggles of her own, having not been able to have a child and moving to a new home. The discovery of a old doll head leads her on a search for information about the house she lives in. Sarah and Eden connect across time thru the dolls head and letters that are found connecting to the house.

This book takes us back to a time when war was brewing between the states. It shows a side to the John Brown story that I have never thought about.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for free.

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July 15, 2015 · 9:06 pm