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Breaking the Shame!!!

Unashamed by Jessie Minassian

We  as girls and women all struggle with many secret sins that we hide behind a mask or facade. Jessie Minassian breaks the silence by admitting to a secret sin and silent shame in her life. She touches our heart by reaching deep down in and forcing us to look at what has us trapped in that dark place in our lives. By sharing her story and how she found victory thru our Heavenly Father she shows there is hope out there for all of us. If you have a young lady,a daughter, a granddaughter in your life pass this book on to her to share with another hurting girl. Lets break this damaging cycle of silence from shame of secret sins and help others find healing.

Received this book for free from Tyndale bloggers


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Tangled to Untangled!!

Untangled by Carey Scott

Each one of the things that we have in our lives can become tangles, from seeking the approval to being the woman we want to be. We are all seeking for someone to say that we are what we are seeking to be in life. Carey Scott delves deep into the tangles and knots that are lives and shows us that there is hope out there for us all. she lovingly takes us thru practical strategies to escape the tangled mess we have gotten ourselves into. We will see that we are not alone in all of our struggles. Reading this book felt like I was reading parts of my story instead of a strangers story. I recommend this book to women of all ages.

Received this book for free for blogging from Revell Reads.

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