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At Home in Last Chance by Cathleen Armstrong

At Home in Last Chance by Cathleen Armstrong

Kaitlyn Reed has came back to Last Chance to start over and show her family that she can be the mother her daughter needs. Working in her brothers resturant provides her with an income, but does not fulfill the deep desire to help others feel better about themselves.
Steven Braden is working on his uncles ranch to bide away the time, till he is to go away to the acadeamy. After meeting Kaitlyn and her daughter, Steven is captivated by Kaitlyn.
As the time passes they find themselves being drawn toward each other, while questions still arise between them.

Will they be able learn to trust each other even if they can’t trust themselves.

A big Thank you to Revel Reads for supplyiing this boook for an honest review.


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A thrilling ride!!!!!

Hidden Agenda by Lisa Harris

In the third installment to the Southern Crimes Series, we meet Michael Hunt who after being presumed dead by his family and friends is now on the run and fighting to stay alive. After being undercover for eight months, Michael is now trying to prove that he is not a corrupt cop and uncover the truth before the bad guys catch him.

Olivia Hamilton is the daughter of the man who wants Michael dead. While searching for the truth about her father she uncovers some very dangerous things, which brings her right into Michael’s path.

Will they both decide to trust each other to bring the truth into the light?

Lisa Harris brings us another thrilling ride from the moment you open the book till you close it at the end.

Big thanks Revell Reads for providing this book for a review.

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“When Mercy Rains by Kim Vogel Sawyer”

When Mercy Rains by Kim Vogel Sawyer

Coming back to the Old Order Mennonite community, requires alot of grace for Suzanne Zimmerman. At the age of seventeen, her mother sent her away to hide her daughter’s pregnancy from others. Suzanne chose to not come back home, instead she chose to move to Indiana where she became a nurse. After recieving a letter from her younger brother requesting her to come home to help with the care of their ailing mother. Upon Suzanne’s arrival back home, her family is surprised to find out that she has a grown daughter, Alexia and is not married. Coming back home to Kansas does not just mean facing her family and community, but it also means seeing her first and only love Paul Aldrich.

Now a widower with an eight your old son, Paul is relieved to see Suzanne back home with her family. He has been given another chance to ask for her forgiveness, but when he sees Alexia he is taken back for a bit. The guilt buried down deep from their time together flares up and makes him want to know more about his daughter.

Will Suzanne be able to let go of the past and let healing begin between her and her mother? Will everyone let go of the past and embrace what precious time has given them?

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”

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