True Love!!!

The Crimson Cord “Rahab’s Story
by Jill Eileen Smith

Taking a step back into history we are introduced to Rahab, the prostitute that hid the two spies and helped them escape from Jericho. After being forced to become someone she does not want to be, she chooses to keep on surviving from day to day. Until one day into her life walks two strangers who believe in a High Power. Their appearance in Jericho makes her rethink what she has known from childhood up. Rahab has heard the rumors about the Israelites and how they have trimphed over everyone of their battles. Taking a leap of faith, she places her life and her families life in the hands of God. As the time passes after she helps the spies escape, she convinces her family to come live with her for their safety. not having any idea of the many challenges that she will face on the other side of the walls- will she be able to see the true meaning of love.

Jill Eileen Smith takes us deeper into the history of the bible and weaves a story that keeps us riveted to the pages till the end of the book.


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