Finding Mercy by Michael Landon and Cindy Kelley

Finding Mercy by Michael Landon and Cindy Kelley

Finding Mercy is the sequel to Traces of Mercy, which continues the story of Mercy and her search for the truth about her past. It opens up to Mercy being penned into a corner by bounty hunter who want to take her back and be punished for a crime she did not commit. Her Friends Capt Elijah Hale and Issac youg boy she helped are following her to try to keep her safe from harm. As her journey continues she is pointed toward a fort that may have some clues to her service as a solider in the war. It is there that she is reunited with her friends and they continue on helping her to find her family. Upon the arrival back at her homeplace things are not all what they seem to be, people who are supposed to have been precious to her are very distant. Mercy’s homecoming is very much riddled with more questions than answers until the truth comes out after a very frightening incident.
Will she be able to know who she can trust and who is the enemy?


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