A beautiful story of shattered love and healing.

Cindy Woodsmall’s “A Love undone” is a very touching love story of a young woman and a grass widower. At nineteen years of age, Jolene Keim gave up her dreams of having a family of her own to raise her younger siblings after a flood takes the lives of her parents. Ten years later she has made a life for herself making memories with her siblings and their families.
Grass widower Andy has raised his son with the help of his brother Levi and his wife. When they get a call about a group of battered horses, they have to scurry around and find a farm to house them. Andy and Levi contact their uncle who lives several hours away to see if they can use the farm to house the horses till they can be adopted out.

That peace that both Jolene and Andy have found in their situations is now disrupted when their friendship turns to love for both of them. Knowing that Andy can not marry under the Amish belief, they choose to walk away and forget what was between them. Will both of them be able to trust  God and His will for their lives or will the gossips ruin what has become a beautiful friendship.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”


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