Westward Christmas Brides

A very delightful read to get us ready for Christmas, nine young women are on a journey toward a new life in the winters of the 1800’s. Trapped in the mountains Cynthia realizes that her fiance may not be the husband for her. will she see be able to see her dreams of marriage come true or will she follow her mother to a new place.
Beryl has a choice of following her dead father’s dream to settle out west or will she decide to stay and settle down with her brother at the trading post that has provided a home for them. Running away from an arranged marriage, Laviana has found refuge in an abandoned barn. Will she be able to find true love or go back home to face a loveless marriage. Looking forward to meeting her penpal/potential husband, Molly and her fellow stagecoach passenger are stranded in the middle of a snow storm. Will Christmas in shack show her that you don’t have to look very far for love. An orphan train agent, Beth;is looking forward to placing her last orphan with a family heading on with her Doctor father to their new home. When she is faced with another child to find a home for, will she be able to help the child’s father see that he is needed in the little ones life. Taking some time out to review the choices in her life, Belinda decides to take a trip to Portland. To her amazement she runs into her fiance who taking his friends daughter to meet her father in the same town. Will they be stop and take time to hear what they each have to say. Suzette decides to go and help her cousin in her time of need and delay the arranged marriage. When the groom to be follows her west, her eyes are opened to see a very different man than the one she has known all her life. Trapped in between the crossfire between the Indians and soldiers, Juliet is forced to trust a fellow traveler’s decision to seek refuge with a friendly Crow tribe. Carolyn is a widowed mother who is fighting to provide an income for her family, when a option comes up in an idea of marrying a rogue pirate to save his life and her families.

Thanks to Barbour publishing for providing this book in exchange for a review based on the readers opinion.


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