Must read for all history lovers and civil war buffs!!

The book “The Sentinels of Andersonville” by Tracy Groot is a must read for all history lovers and civil war buffs. From the moment you open the book till the end, the story grips you. The people of the town of Americus, Georgia turn a blind eye to horrors in the town of Andersonville ten miles down the road from them. soldiers imprisoned there. A young sentry Dance Pickett has stood guard over the prisoners for several months not knowing what to do to help them. Emory Jones, a confederate corporal is transporting a union prisoner to Andersonville. During there time together they form a bound that they never thought would be formed between two enemies. Making a vow to stay friends and to survive the war, he delivers his prisoner to the prison. Violet, the daughter of a southern doctor has been affected by the war, but not as much as seeing the inhumane conditions at the prison. Driven with compassion towards her fellow humans, she starts a campaign to help the union soldiers imprisoned there. These three unlikely allies paths cross, their bond to help others brings them together. Even if it means the possibility of of committing an act of treason. Will they stay strong and hang onto God’s truth of caring for our neighbor.

This book was so interesting I was able to read it in one day!!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher, through The Book Club Network ( in exchange for my honest review.



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